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Лёва на лечении в Таиланде

Tragedy and Miracle

Лев Садаев Hello. My name is Vladimir, my younger brother Leo had an accident on July 1st. It happened one block away from home, he met a friend on a motorcycle and asked to drop him off home, at the intersection they crashed into a car.

Later we saw camera recording of the intersection. My mother and I were talking to witnesses, though we felt no easier from this. Terrible picture.

Leo didn’t have a helmet on. After the collision he has flown 10-15 meters. He received a combined head and brain injury and brain stem contusion, which is the most severe type of injury. About 40% of the surface of the brain was damaged, multiple contusions and smashing of the brain substance. The driver received a moderate injury, because he was protected by a helmet, few weeks later he was discharged from the hospital. On that day, both of them were taken to the resuscitation unit in Bataysk city hospital. (Bataysk, Russia is where we live).

The same day a complex operation was made. Briefly: the part of the skull bone was removed in order to make room for swelling. The next few days doctors were fighting for his life. One night they even let my mother to enter the patient’s room to say “goodbye”.

A few days later Lev was transferred to the resuscitation unit\intensive care in the Regional Children’s Hospital, which is located in Rostov-on-Don. We came every day at 11 am and 6 pm to talk to the doctors. There still remained a threat to life, the heart beat and blood pressure were maintained with high doses of drugs.

A month later, when Lev was able to manage without mechanical ventilation and came to the relatively stable condition, he emerged from coma (but not recovered his consciousness). Then he was transferred to the surgery department, which already accommodated 5 other children and their mothers. Our mother had to learn to take care of him in these extreme conditions. It is taking away the sputum from the tracheostomy tube (in the throat), fighting fever, etc. We now suspect that a serious infection was obtained back then. After 3 days Lev was taken back to the emergency room because of the high temperature and recrudescence.

After a few days in intensive care, when he managed to return to a stable state, Lev and mom were sent to the Neurology Department, where he was given a private room. The doctors called his condition the apallic syndrome (it is not a coma, but not a clear consciousness, there is only a reaction to external stimulus). They have spent two months at the Neurology department and a very serious treatment had place over that period. Thanks to all the doctors for their hard work.

After the council of physicians, they decided to discharge Lev home. So in December 2012 he was discharged from hospital.

Now my brother and mom are home. Doctors visit Lev several times a month. In the beginning of January the neurosurgeon came and said that he saw positive changes compared to the previous visit (in late December). Doctor said that the condition is considered to be a “mutism” – it’s when a person might understand what’s going on, but he not always manages to get in contact with others. However, everyone who comes to see Lev can notice the fact that he realizes something. He opens his eyes and you can see emotions on his face when he is fully awake.

For such difficult patients as Lev, there are rehabilitation programs in specialized clinics. Using special techniques, equipment and drugs\medicine they help people to return to normal life, they teach them to interact with other people and the world again. The more time passes, the less is possibility to return to normal life.

In the beginning of February the doctor from the hospital in southern Germany arrived to see Lev. He stayed with him for a 24-hours period to observe him and decide which clinic is better to apply for treatment. He also taught mom some very useful techniques on how to care for such patients.

Meanwhile, Lev is practicing for the future flight. He is sitting in a chair for an hour a day. Over such a long period, the legs are not used anymore to load bearing\muscular exercise. And it is contraindicated for him to be in a sitting position, with his legs hang down, for a long time.

Now we have information about rehabilitation now. The treatment will take 3 months and will cost 90 570 euros. The aim of the course is to restore the body functions. All Lev’s muscles is ok, so the rehabilitation should help Lev to have ability to perform actions by himself. He will be treated by experts (5 or more people are engaged in one patient), the result should be good.

We need your prayers and all the help you can provide. Thank you all for your support!